The Challenge

Today’s IT world can feel like a dense forest. So many directions to choose, with countless pitfalls and distractions. Common challenges include:
  • Fragmented IT processes causing inefficiencies.
  • Limited knowledge on how to strategize and plan viable IT steps.
  • The overwhelming options and promises from external IT suppliers.

cu:sode: Your Trusted IT Guide

We don’t just offer solutions; We walk the journey with you. Turning those complexities into actionable, result- driven, plans tailored just for you.
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Volvo Group

Volvo Group

Volvo Group

The Solution

A Tailored Approach to Boost Your Business

Navigate the complex realm of IT with confidence. Our services provide strategic clarity, actionable blueprints, and expert-led execution, ensuring every IT decision fosters business growth.

Need Analysis

Strategic Clarity for Your IT Path
Align your IT initiatives with your business objectives by diving deep into your current IT infrastructure and mapping out a clear and actionable path forward.
  • A comprehensive review of current IT challenges.
  • Thorough assessment of IT assets and capabilities.
  • Creation of a strategic IT roadmap.
  • Expert guidance on pivotal IT investment decisions.

Requirements Documentation

Blueprint for a Successful Digital Transition
Ensure a smooth transition into the digital realm with clearly articulated, structured requirements that reflect your organization's unique needs and goals.
  • Clear and targeted requirements communication.
  • Highly structured documentation tailored for RFQs.
  • Guaranteed alignment of digital objectives.


Turning Plans into Tangible Outcomes
Watch your IT strategy come to life with expert-led execution, ensuring each phase aligns perfectly with the vision and delivers desired results.
  • Dedicated representation in development projects.
  • Expert leadership in software evaluations and implementations.
  • Alignment of IT projects with overarching business goals.

Business Development

Unlocking Next-Level Business Potential
Look beyond IT with a holistic approach to business development, focusing on lasting partnerships, sustainable models, and setting clear, achievable objectives.
  • Guidance on forging and nurturing lasting partnerships.
  • Strategies centered around sustainable business growth.
  • Support in setting, tracking, and achieving pivotal business objectives.

About cu:sode

Why Choose cu:sode?

  • Experience: Founded by Henrik Bexelius, an expert with vast insights from the global automotive IT landscape.
  • Unbiased Views: cu:sodes extensive network doesn't dictate our recommendations. Your needs always come first.
  • Diverse Expertise: Whether it's Product Development or Customer Management, we boost IT efficiency across all domains.

Our Roots Run Deep

Starting in 2020 amidst Sweden’s bustling engineering IT scene, cu:sode has expanded its expertise beyond traditional bounds. The mission? Helping businesses like yours to navigate the complex IT waters with ease and confidence.

Our Promise to You

»Ensuring every IT decision you make not only adds value but is a genuine fit for your business. Consider us your trusty compass in the expansive ocean of IT.«

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